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Caffe Arabica is a family run business based in the cathedral city of Salisbury who have a passion for great tasting coffee and tea.

Our Richly Roasted Coffee

Perfectly blended, our range of coffees each have a distinctive taste profile and a uniquely satisfying flavour.

We have three great Caffe Arabica richly roasted blends of coffee beans and ground coffee to temp you and your customers...

Choose from...




We can supply you with either coffee beans for your coffee machines or ground coffee for cafetieres and filter machines.

Our blends of coffee are...


A fine blend of arabica coffees from South America, India & the Far East. Medium roasted to bring out the subtle characters of each of the origins. A full bodied coffee with rich flavours.


Perfectly blended to produce a stunning well balanced snappy espresso with distinct notes of blackcurrants and a citrus lingering aftertaste and aroma.


A full bodied espresso with a light acidity and strong notes of dark cocoa and salty caramel, developing a delicious buttery, fudge finish. This espresso is blended with 100% Arabica coffee beans.

Our Coffee Syrups

Add some extra taste to your coffee.

We have some of the finest tasting coffee syrups from Maison Routin in France, for when your customers want a little extra taste in their coffee.

The syrups will envelop their taste buds in an explosion of flavours and tantalising notes!

We offer many different flavours of syrup to tempt you with, so why not give them a go!



If you would like to experience the wondeful coffees that Caffe Arabica has to offer then
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